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Expertly crafted travel guides from a seasoned explorer, providing essential information and insights for your adventures in Bhutan and beyond. Let my guides enhance your understanding and appreciation of each destination, making your journey truly unforgettable.
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Seasoned Expedition Guide, Photographer, Lecturer, and Environmental Steward
Hi! My name is Saul Dreamwood. As an experienced traveler and explorer, I have ventured to 142 countries, including expeditions to the South and North Poles.

With a background in Physics, I combine academic knowledge with a passion for uncovering hidden gems and lesser-known secrets in each destination.

My unique perspective goes beyond the conventional tourist experience, delving into the nuances and hidden wonders that make each journey unforgettable.

Join me as we explore the world together, discovering the magic of travel and the untamed beauty of uncharted territories.

This is Svalbard
This guide is crafted by a traveler for travelers, offering a well-structured and concise handbook on Svalbard. It's designed to be straightforward, devoid of lengthy narratives, focusing solely on essential information to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this unique archipelago.

Begin with the 'Introduction to Svalbard' section during your flight to this Arctic haven for foundational knowledge. As you encounter new animals, unfamiliar locations, or need practical information about your surroundings, this guide serves as a vital resource. Look no further for quick, reliable insights into the diverse aspects of Svalbard, ensuring your experience is both enriching and memorable.

This is Bhutan
This guide is made for travelers, just like you. I've explored Bhutan extensively, guiding groups through its mountains and valleys.

While many guides cover common topics like legends and monasteries, this guide goes beyond to answer more specific questions.

Have you ever wondered why the number 108 is so important in Bhutan and why you see it everywhere? Or perhaps you're curious about the everyday practices of the Bhutanese people, like their traditional bathhouses or unique birth and death rituals.

This guide delves into these lesser-known aspects, providing insights that will enrich your travel experience and deepen your understanding of this fascinating country.

Whether you're seeking cultural intricacies or natural wonders, this guide will make your journey through Bhutan truly unforgettable.
This is Antarctic Peninsula
Exciting news on the horizon! I'm currently crafting a new guide focused on the Antarctic Peninsula, tailored for expedition cruise passengers like yourself. This guide will delve beyond the general information about Antarctica and its wildlife, aiming to address specific questions that curious passengers often ponder, such as the intriguing phenomenon of why glacier ice appears blue.

While this guide is still in the works, rest assured that it will offer in-depth insights and answers to enhance your Antarctic exploration. Stay tuned for updates and be the first to embark on this distinctive journey through the icy wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula.
This is Iceland
Get ready to embark on the ultimate road trip adventure with the upcoming guide to Iceland. Designed for intrepid travelers seeking to traverse the entire island by car, this guide will be your essential companion as you journey around Iceland's breathtaking landscapes.

From detailed recommendations on where to stop and what to see, to insights on the significance of each unique location you encounter, this guide will ensure that every moment of your Icelandic road trip is filled with wonder and discovery. Stay tuned for expert tips and recommendations that will enhance your experience and make your journey around Iceland truly unforgettable.
This is Greenland
Prepare to dive into the ultimate guide to Greenland, a comprehensive exploration that spans the entire island. With a focus on the distinctive experiences found on both the east and west sides, this guide will delve deep into the specifics of these regions, meticulously detailing the wonders awaiting travelers who journey to these destinations often frequented by cruise ships.

From the majestic landscapes of the east to the rugged beauty of the west, this guide aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge and insights that will enhance your exploration of Greenland. Stay tuned for a wealth of information that will enrich your understanding of this vast and diverse Arctic land.
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